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    Blueprint Volleyball

    Coaches Clinic

    Austin, Texas/Westlake High School

    May 17-19, 2019

    Why Blueprint?

    We are thrilled to launch our Blueprint Volleyball Coaching Clinic in Austin, Texas in 2019! This will be unlike any other coaches clinic you have attended in the past. Prepare to engage, ask questions, and be completely immersed in each session giving you a personal, connected experience like no other. What you will gain out of this weekends’ gathering is current, innovative, and relevant information that will help take your coaching to the next level. See how things are done at the elite collegiate level and more importantly how you can translate those things to your high school, club, or college teams to make them more efficient, productive, and successful. We can’t wait to interact with all of you, share ideas and chow down on a little bbq while we’re at it!


    About Us

    Salima Rockwell

    Director of Volleyball Innovation, Mamba Sports Academy

    Kevin Hambly

    Director of Women's Volleyball, 

    Stanford University

    Hugh McCutcheon

    Head Women's Volleyball Coach, The University of Minnesota

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