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Why Blueprint? 

Blueprint started because we, as coaches, have done clinics all over the country for other constituents. We have had to share messages and discuss topics that didn't always feel right, peddle products that we don't believe in, and talked with coaches we never get to know or connect with.  We always felt that coaching clinics could be more, so in 2019 we started Blueprint Volleyball.

At Blueprint, we strive to teach holistic coaching - creating a healthy culture for our athletes that will allow them to succeed. We get to know the attendees as people, creating an environment where they feel safe to ask questions and discuss issues they find in coaching. We hope our attendees, and us, leave Blueprint feeling fulfilled and supported.


Kevin Hambly

Director of Women's Volleyball

Stanford Head Coach since 2017

2018 NCAA Championship Winner

3 Pac-12 Conference Titles

Former Illinois Head Coach


Salima Rockwell

Head Coach

University of Notre Dame

4x National Champion Coach

3x All American

U.S. National Team Member 1995-1999

Former Penn State Head Coach

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Hugh McCutcheon

Head Coach

University of Minnesota

2x Olympic Medalist Coach

2x Big Ten Champion

2x Big Ten Coach of the Year

3 NCAA Final Four Appearances

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